Who is Tethys

Tethys Group manages a portfolio of physical and financial commodity trading enterprises with a focus in the petroleum and renewable energy sectors. The Tethys Group of companies apply strong supply chain optimization and global fundamental commodity strategies to deliver the best possible margins for our customers.

While applying principles of honesty and integrity in everything we do. We aim to align ourselves with our partners by "tearing down" conventional fences in the markets.  By commercially aligning our interest with those of our customers and counterparts we are able to create unconventional models to a very conventional market.  

Our economic alignment of interests and long-term focus optimizes the supply-chain for all parties involved, and distinctly defines the true essence of culture and approach at Tethys.

Why Tethys 

Energy trading is at the core of who we are and what we do at Tethys. It is the conduit with which we reach the market and have the ability to create and sustain value for both our suppliers and end-user clients. Our track record of growth, risk management, and product quality speaks for itself. It is through our greatest asset, our people that we quickly respond and distribute solutions across the supply-chain.


Tethys delivers an all-inclusive, flexible marketing strategy that capitalizes on supply/demand imbalances, logistical bottlenecks and momentary market dislocations its supply partners may otherwise likely miss.


Tethys works closely with its clients to provide a comprehensive and reliable product supply solution that encompasses managing and mitigating all associated physical, financial and logistical risks.

Why Tethys Partners